An open-source decentralised nation-building project on Ethereum

Gain Ethizenship of the world’s first voluntary polity on blockchain without territory, tax or fiat money.

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The Metastasising State

The State in its late 20th early 21st Century form has spread to every cell of human activity.

Major Central Bank assets grew to USD 15 trillion in 2018
Governments now on average make up over half of their GDP
Freedom declined in 55 countries over the last decade
Many symptoms point to presence of the Nation State as a pathogenic agent: a malignant tumor whose uncontrolled growth eats away our freedoms and ultimately risks to destroy the body that hosts it.
The carrier for this cancer of coercion is the lex terrae by which the Nation State uses terrestrial notions of birth, residence and identity to force its subjects to obey its laws.


Countries as dApps

Smart contracts, for the first time, can replace state coercion with a guarantee of execution of consensual arrangements.

When such arrangements coalesce into a playbook for a decentralised polity, a country as a dApp emerges, gaining sovereignty by the sheer weight of its users.

The ultimate result will be competing sovereign digital realms governed by the lex cryptographica, offering Government as a Service to voluntary users that download its app. 

Lex terrae

  • Ambit: birth, naturalisation or residency 
  • Coercion: physical, backed by State monopoly on violence
  • Enforcement: posteriori, based on identity

Lex cryptographica

  • Ambit: No physical anchor
  • Coercion: smart contract "rule of code"
  • Enforcement: anteriori, based on prevention and insurance

Reach escape veloctity from the Nation State

We want to build a sovereign decentralised polity based on blockchain-mediated consensus rather than terrestrial coercion.

Our goal is to ultimately achieve escape velocity from the Nation State by digitally demarcating a space of freedom where anybody who chooses to gain Ethizenship can author their own lives.


A whole new use case for Ethereum smart contracts

Ethscape is a different kind of project.

At the tangent of code and law, it is an invitation to both developers and lawyers to co-author the software for a new country.

It puts smart contracts at the service of governance, seeking to change society in new ways or test old ideas for the first time.

By transposing established notions of borders, population and even defence to blockchain, we believe smart contracts can ultimately become the operating system for a new type of sovereign entity.

That is why we work on Ethereum as the only “sovereign-grade”, censorship-resistant public chain fit for our purpose.


The Atomic Secession smart contract

We seek to solve the "democracy paradox" by hardcoding the right, at the individual level, to opt out from the obligations but also the possible benefits resulting from decisions taken by the majority of other Ethizens.

The Dynamic Dividend smart contract

In a basic implementation, the Dynamic Dividend smart contract periodically rebalances individual balances across all wallet holders, by adjusting for how much each individual Ethizen contributed to Ethscape’s overall “GDP” over the period.

The Kleroterion smart governance contract

Modelled on the Ancient Greek Kleroterion randomisation device used to select citizens to most state offices and as court juries, this smart contract introduces randomness in how voters are selected amongst Ethizens and how - if and when necessary - a degree of representation is required.

A decentralised polity without territory, tax or fiat money

A Three-Article Constitution

§ Art. 1 - Atomic Secession Right

Every Ethizen has the inalienable right to leave Ethscape.

§ Art. 2 - General Public License

Everything produced in Ethscape is under copyleft.

§ Art. 3 - No amendments

This Constitution cannot be changed.

Ethscape's is a not-for-profit project by the Ethscape Foundation.

Its shippable product is Ethizenship: access to tools that help govern a demarcated digital realm via which beneficiaries can receive legal rights in the real world.

These rights result from Motions related to specific projects Ethizens help fund.

In addition, Ethizens benefit from a share in Ethscape's overall GDP by way of a Dynamic Dividend.

The voluntary nature of the project and the free use of everything produced within Ethscape are protected via a three-article, unalterable constitution at the protocol level.


Gain Ethizenship and receive a share in Ethscape's GDP

Towards escape velocity

Esc is the native token of Ethscape, set for creation 4Q2018/1Q2019.

All operations across the polity will require the spending or holding of Esc, including:

  • proof of Ethizenship;
  • tabling and funding Motions
  • receiving a Dynamic Dividend

Esc will also be distributed to contributors across the Ethscape stack. Further details are to follow.

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